Whether you called her Nanna, or Grandma, or just your best friend, Betty was amazing.  She came to the Ranch just a few years after we opened, arriving at dusk on a trailer full of horses hoping for better homes.  She had given her all, working as a pack horse, rented out to hunters to carry their heavy loads.

With missing teeth, a sway back, sore feet and a broken spirit, Betty could no longer earn her keep.

Sadly, as many horses do, she had found herself in a feedlot awaiting the long, torturous trip to the slaughterhouse.

Thanks to the help of a small rescue group in the heart of Colorado, Betty was purchased and delivered safely to her new home here at the Ranch.  Never did we imagine that this shaggy old frightened spirit would bring love and healing to so many.

It wasn’t long before Betty became a ranch favorite.  Betty was a survivor – proud, strong, and beautiful, even in her old age.  She demanded respect from even the crankiest of the horses and yet was kind, gentle, and a comfort just to be around.

At the ripe old age of 33, Betty left this life to run in greener pastures.  She has become a legend here at the ranch and will be forever missed, but her lessons continue forever.  Betty was an example to us all.

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