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Why is experience so important? 

Ever notice you can’t just talk yourself out of a negative mood, panic attack, or flashback. Instead the emotional brain responds to relationship, metaphor, imagery, music and activity. Because events, patterns and relationships are primarily stored in the right hemisphere of our brain, successful therapy depends greatly on our ability to create experiences that are “felt” by the right brain and then “understood” by the left. 

Does it really work?

Science has demonstrated that your brain is actually programmed to heal itself, given the right circumstances. Believe it or not, you are resilient! Developments in the field of neuroplasticity have proven that through the use of properly structured experiences, your brain can be re-wired.


What makes this program so unique?

Rocking Horse Ranch combines the best of several therapeutic models by creating a safe relational environment for clients to explore and learn about themselves through a carefully selected framework of experiences.  Clients receive individualized treatment plans using a system of  evidence-based cognitive behavioral techniques combined with scientifically proven experiential techniques to provide the best in therapeutic solutions for the treatment of trauma and other mental health conditions, resulting in long term benefits. 

What does this mean for you?

Due to the novel and engaging nature of our activities, your body actually releases the neurochemicals necessary for your brain to change and stabilize. Simply put, it was experience that  wired your brain in the first place, and it is experience that will re-wire your brain so you can heal. Have hope - you can finally Experience Recovery.

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